DGPA Introduction

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According to the most recent Global Competitiveness Reports issued by the World Economic Forum (WEF) and International Institute for Management Development (IMD), "government efficiency" is an important indicator of national competitiveness. The current administration upholds the ideal of "honest and competent government", and expects civil servants to be honest, hard-working, and public-minded. The key to a government that is honest, competent, and able to respond quickly to the people and environmental changes is the presence of up-to-date, highly-qualified, and highly responsive civil officers, who can bear responsibility for planning, promoting, and implementing government policies.


As a professional staff agency of the Executive Yuan in human resource management, DGPA is responsible for the overall personnel administration of all ministries and agencies under the Executive Yuan. In compliance with the Five-Power Constitution System, DGPA's affairs relating to examination and personnel institutions are overseen by the Examination Yuan. DGPA administers the overall planning and implementation of personnel administrative systems; management of personnel agencies and personnel staff; compensation and welfare of civil servants; training and appraisal of civil servants. DGPA, with its vision of “High quality personnel service, Excellent civil servants, Building an honest and competent government”, aims to bring about a full-scale improvement of the government personnel system, and thereby, enhance government competitiveness.